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Be Global Fashion Network has more than 50 000 visits per month in average. The site is a unique magazine and fashion network dedicated to the men's suits and men's suit business and the new fashion formula - made-to-measure, made-to-order and bespoke tailoring.

Be Global Fashion Network is dedicated exclusively to the men's suit and the timeless classic style. Our aim is to increase the overall consumption of men's suits in Europe and USA and to make men more stylish and teach them the ABC of the men's suit.

The site is created in order to support you - tailors, men's suit brands and designers, men's suits fabrics and accessories manufacturers, producers of machines for the men's suit sewing, ironing, fusing, menswear fashion fairs, fashion schools and universities, business professionals.

We have a unique membership offer for the companies that would like to stand out among the rest and be acknowledged as the best in the men's suit industry. It is better than just advertising, because we care about the presentation of your brand in the best way, so that it gets more prestige, new clients and partners.

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Membership proposal:
Our membership proposal is to build your image of the best brand in the industry and be presented in our site with PR articles, banner and VIP directory listing.




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100 €/month
300 €/month

* Banner 300x250 pixels in the right menu
You have 3 choices:
- Home page + Magazine pages - 10 positions available
- Home page + Most Stylish Men Contest pages - 10 positions available
- Home page + Directory pages - 10 positions available

Currently all banners are displayed on all pages of the site, which means they have a full visibility!
Special Price: 300 euro/month 250 euro/month if you advertise for 3 months

Banners are displayed on the right side of the website on a "first-come first-served" basis. We also display there partner banners so inquire about the current advertising position available.

You can send us the text you want to be published or we can follow your web site and social media profiles and extract photos and information from there.

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